Some ground rules for posting

- Minimum age for celebs being posted here is 16 years old.
- Do not post any clips or vidcaps showing RAPE scenes or write about your rape fantasies
- Please refrain from picking fights with other forum members if you don't like their views and opinions on a particular subject.
- Please refrain from profanity and rude comments in your posts and replies.
- No posts from Playboy, Perfect 10,PORN,FAKE and copyrighted pictures from other sites on the message board. All such posts will be deleted.
- This is not a password trading forum so all such posts will be deleted.
- Do not post links to other sites (free or pay), spam the board with stupid ads...
- No trading pics/ movies or any such things. This is a free for all forum, make requests, post your collections but don't trade here, If you wan't to trade go somewhere else.
- DO NOT USE ALL CAPS IN YOUR MESSAGE TITLE OR MESSAGE BODY. All caps is considered as shouting and such posts will be deleted.
- Do not make same request over and over again.
- If you are requesting pics of certain celebrity from some movie, tv series make sure you find out her/his name first. You can lookup all the character names from movies and series at http://www.imdb.com/search. Don't make request like I need pics of Darla from Angel. Go to imdb site first and find out the real name of this Daral chick.
- Make sure you use correct icon when requesting pictures and posting otherwise your message will be removed
- NO FAKES PLEASE all such posts will be removed.
- Do not use any free image hosting providers when posting pictures. You should upload all your photos here, otherwise you risk that your post might be removed from the forum
- If you think lines have been crossed you can contact me at malizec-at-gmail.com

1. How do I post a new message ?

Well It's simple just click "Add Message" link at the top of the page fill in all fields and hit the Submit button.

2. How do I post a picture ?

Click "Upload Image" . This will open a new browser window and then browse your disks and folders for the pictures you wish to upload. Click Upload button once you select the pictures or a picture you wish to upload. Wait a minute or two. Once the file is uploaded a page with Copy & Paste code will show up.
Copy the

<a href="http://www.celebfans.com/upload7/yourpic.jpg"> <img src="http://www.celebfans.com/upload7/thumbs/tn_yourpic.jpg" border=0></a> code and paste it in the Massage area

You can also use the text link for picture message and it should look like this

<a href="http://www.celebfans.com/upload7/yourpic.jpg"> Picture Description</a> &nbsp;

Please don't upload pictures that contain any strange characters in file names like space, ' , @, # or % since some of the users will probably have difficulites seing this pictures since not all browsers recognize this characters and the upload script might get confused also since this are usually special chars reserved for other things. Please rename the files before uploading so that all users will be able to see the pictures without any problems

3. No .mpg, .avi, .mov, .rm .files

This files tend to be very large and the upload script won't be able to process them in most of the cases.

4. No rude comments, mind your language and stuff like that

Why? Because it's very easy to write fuck you asshole when you are  behind a computer try that in real life conversation and just see where you'll end up (my guess is ER).

5. Have any bright ideas? 

Post them on the message board